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Basic Stable Hanger

kr 699kr 999

Basic Stable Hanger

Helps to organize stable space. Made of durable tape that stabilizes the structural bars. Available with 4 or 7 wooden bars. Finishing: strong tape (100% polyester) Extras: wooden bars – 4 or 7 pieces Embellishment: TORPOL® emblem Fastening: cord, metal carabiner Size: 4 bars (80/100 cm), 7 bars (80/140 cm)

Leg Wraps

kr 569kr 759

Leg Wraps

Perfect in stable and useful in transport. Breathable, absorb moisture and protect horses’ legs from injuries. Made of high-quality, non-woven fabric filled with a thick layer of polyfill wadding, which ensures comfort. Outer material: denim (50% cotton, 50% polyester) Filling: 200g wadding (100% polyester) Size: FULL 58/44 cm, GIANT 57/72 cm Packing: 4 pcs.

LegCare™ Magnetic Boots

Irreplaceable in a stable. The Magnetic Field Therapy™ is recommended in injury prevention, rehabilitation and as a support treatment for horses prone to wind puffs and otherwise swelling after tendon and joint injuries. Magnets, located along the tendons, create a constant magnetic field that dilates blood vessels. This, in turn, speeds up the removal of toxins and … LegCare™ Magnetic Boots Read More »

Nelson Magnetic Half Pad

Highly recommended for horses in training. Dorsal part lined with Nelson™ wool knitwear, which protects against bruises and provides a delicate micro-massage. Helps to keep a constant body temperature and allows breathing through the skin. Does not overheat nor cause excessive sweating. Made of durable, quilted denim fabric, resistant to abrasion. Magnetic Field Therapy™ positively impact … Nelson Magnetic Half Pad Read More »