Tocsen Button

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Tocsen Button

Tocsen is also available as a button that you attach to the helmet!
With its intelligent emergency call system, the Uvex Tocsen offers more safety for riders on lonely outings.
But even when you are alone in the riding hall!

Attach the button to any helmet with the supplied tape.
The tape can be attached to all the different surfaces that you have on your helmet.
The button has a diameter of 3 cm and just over 1 cm thick.
The sensor button should be attached behind the ear to the back of the helmet.

Tocsen with its crash sensor integrates with the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth and automatically triggers an emergency call including location instructions in case of fall.
Uvex Tocsen is the first with the integrated emergency call system bearing the label “Made in Germany”
The unique technology, which consists of Tocsen crash sensor and smartphone app (Android and iOS), automatically detects a case.
If the rider does not respond within 30 seconds, the system automatically notifies the emergency contacts in the app and guides helpers directly to the place where the accident occurred.
An additional setting in the app allows you to trigger an automatic emergency call to all Tocsen users in the immediate vicinity.
As a result, every user of Tocsen becomes a potential first aider!

The Tocsen app is GDPR compliant and saves user data that is absolutely necessary for the service.
All information is stored exclusively on servers in Germany that meet strict data protection standards.
Downloading and using the Tocsen app is free. To do for the first time before use:
– Charge the button with the supplied USB cable. – Install the app – Follow the instructions in the app – Ready to use! – A charging cable is included with the manual. The battery lasts up to 3 months on one charge. – See under “Documents” at the bottom left how the system works. – Never again alone but a button from Tocsen!




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