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RR T3 Stirrup



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RR T3 is the stirrup iron that ideally combines the characteristics of ergonomics and resistance to a design studied to ensure unique performance.

Its shape allows to obtain a correct position of the foot and a greater balance of the body during the jump, accompanying the movement of the rider. Also, in the event of a fall, its particular shape allows the foot to free itself quickly.

It requires low maintenance, being easy to be washed simply with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. Excellent durability over time, adapting to both high and low temperatures

RR T3: The bench has a reinforced grip in stainless steel, bright shiny, extremely resistant over time. A non-slip rubber replacement is provided to suit every need.

RR T3 AP: The new aluminum bench, made according to the design of the Fibonacci frequency, is in silver color and extremely durable. The weight that the new bench attributes to the iron favors the set-up and stability. A non-slip rubber spare part is supplied to meet every need.

Supplied in black and gray with satin finish.

Made in Italy CE
Material » DuPont®
Stirrup iron-bar size » 4’’ ¾ x 2″ ½
Stirrup iron size » 5’’ ½ x 2’’ ½ x 6’’ ¾
Weight » 8 ½ oz.
Weight AP » 9.7 oz.
Tension breaking load » 1630 lbs.

Mod. 0 » Aluminum 2 holes
Mod. C » Stainless steel 2 holes
Mod. D » Rubber 2 holes


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