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RR Sport Flex Stirrup



SKU: RR005-01

RR SPORT FLEX maintains the characteristics of a technical and sporty stirrup iron, extremely light but highly resistant thanks to its construction in glass fiber reinforced techno polymer. Perfect for all disciplines.

These are combined with the flexibility obtained by means of a sophisticated system of stainless steel tie rods positioned in the body of the iron, suitably covered by a technical rubber cover.

The gentle and soft curves of its design draw a wide and spacious arch of high ergonomics, stability and safety, making it perfect for all disciplines.

The technical and sporty lines, the characteristic of flexibility draw a technical iron, able to effectively reduce stress while leaving with its aesthetics a sign of sportiness and distinction.

RR SPORT FLEX: The bench has a stainless steel grip, bright shiny, extremely resistant over time. A nonslip rubber replacement is provided to suit every need.

RR SPORT FLEX AP: The new aluminum bench, made according to the design of the Fibonacci frequency, is in silver color and extremely durable. The weight that the new bench attributes to the iron favors the set-up and stability. A non-slip rubber spare part is supplied to meet every need.

Supplied in three models: in black with black rubber cover, black with gray rubber cover, gray with gray rubber cover.

Made in Italy CE
Material » DuPont® + Hardness Rubber
Stirrup iron-bar size » 4’’ ¾ x 2″ ½
Stirrup iron size » 6’’ x 2’’ ½ x 7’’
Weight » 9.8 oz.
Weight AP » 10.9 oz.
Tension breaking load » 1320 lbs.

Mod. 0 » Aluminum 2 holes
Mod. C » Stainless steel 2 holes
Mod. D » Rubber 2 holes


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