RR Concept

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RR Concept

RR CONCEPT is the new techno polymer safety stirrup iron with flexible side opening that allows to release the foot in dangerous situations, returning immediately to the initial position after release.

The innovative aluminum support surface is distinguished by a slightly concave shape corresponding to a radius of 480mm which guarantees greater grip and a central position of the foot, that ensures unprecedented comfort and feeling.

Compact and in perfect symbiosis, the combination of the body of the iron and lateral release favors the free gestures of the horse and rider. In fact, the high-performance design avoids any type of joint between the iron and the external elements.

The weight of 18 ½ oz. gives great stability favoring the attitude in all equestrian disciplines.

It requires very low maintenance, being easy to wash simply with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

Supplied in eight models, black black, black gray, black blue, black red; gray black, gray gray, gray blue and gray red, all in satin finish.


Made in Italy CE
Material » DuPont® + Steel
Stirrup iron-bar size » 4’’ ½ x 2’’ ½
Stirrup iron size » 5’’ ¾ x 2’’ ½ x 6’’ ½
Weight » 18 ½ oz.
Tension breaking load » 1320 lbs.


Mod. F » Aluminium 4 holes


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