RR Carbon Flex

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RR Carbon Flex

RR CARBON FLEX is an exclusive stirrup iron in the design and materials used.

The carbon fiber makes this iron prestigious and unique: the beauty of the hydrographic printing of the material has been added to the elegant and classic / contemporary design.

The carbon fiber reinforced in techno polymer guarantees a very high breaking strength, while maintaining elasticity and comfort, making its performance unique and adapting perfectly to both high and low temperatures.

These are combined with the flexibility of the iron body obtained by means of a sophisticated system of stainless steel tie rods positioned in the body of the iron, suitably covered by a technical rubber cover.

The distinctive and unique lines, the characteristic of flexibility design a technical iron, able to effectively reduce stress while leaving with its aesthetics a sign of sportiness and distinction.

The bench is made of thicker stainless steel, making the appearance of a practically indestructible iron even brighter.

Supplied in black with a shiny finish and black rubber cover.


Made in Italy CE
Material » Carbon fibre + Hardness Rubber
Stirrup iron-bar size » 4’’ ¾ x 2″ ½
Stirrup iron size » 6’’ x 2″ ½ x 7’’
Weight » 11 ¼ oz.


Mod. E » Stainless steel 2 holes



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