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Perfexxion II Carbon

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Perfexxion II Carbon


  • A gleaming appearance with Uvex Perfexxion II Carbon Helmet

High-quality carbon-weave finish, chrome-plated ventilation grilles and an outer shell extending deep down to the neck guarantee maximum performance and safety as well as supreme comfort for the wearer. This riding helmet ticks all the boxes.

Timeless chic combined with high performance – the slim and lightweight uvex perfexxion II carbon raises the bar still further for this sporty classic. A high-quality carbon-weave finish and chrome ventilation grilles gleam harmoniously on the outer shell to produce a genuine true eye-catcher. For added safety, the uvex perfexxion II carbon is extended downwards at the back of the head. The ventilation system enables optimum air circulation and thanks to large air channels combined with a honeycomb structure ensures a perfect climate inside the helmet at all times. A high-quality liner with antistatic carbon fibres offers an outstanding level of comfort for the rider.

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