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Outdoor Paddock Rug

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Outdoor Paddock Rug


Torpol Outdoor Paddock Rug made of glistening, waterproof fabric. Inner lining ensures effective protection against rain, wind and light cold. Resistant to damage- used materials and technologies guarantee the highest quality and durability – even in the most difficult weather conditions. The appropriate, anatomical cut and slits on the shoulder blades ensure comfort and freedom of movement. 80g filling on the back part provides thermal comfort.

Perfect for the paddock, both in the fall and spring season. Equipped with a system of adjustable fasteners under the belly, legs and under the tail, which allows the rug to be properly adjusted to the horse and keep the rug in the right place, preventing from moving. In front fastaned with velcro and two adjustable buckles.

  • nylon (100% polyester)
  • lined with PVC
  • microfiber (100% polyester)
  • 80g wadding filling on the back part
  • strong tape
  • eco-leather Torpol emblem
  • two adjustable buckles in front
  • adjusted crossed belts under the belly
  • adjusted leg straps
  • cord under the tail
  • nickel fittings

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