Magnetic Hood

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Magnetic Hood

Magnetic Hood is perfect for all-year-long use. Protects against dust and insects. Equipped with a system of magnets placed in zipped pockets located along the cervical spine’s part. Their magnetic field dilates blood vessels, which speeds up the removal of toxins and recovery after exercise. It also naturally balances out energy deficits. Effectively eliminates pain symptoms. Made of the extremely durable net, used in military products and resistant to any mechanical damage.


Design protected within the European Union under the industrial design rights.

Material: 310g ballistic net (100% polyester)

Magnets: 6 Neodymium Magnetic Stimulators (NMB) Bioflex® Mega Spiral with strength of 1150 Gauss /pc, 8 Neodymium Magnetic Stimulators (NMA) with strength of 3650 Gauss /pc, protected with PVC foil

Finishing: strong tape (100% polyester)

Extras: zipper – 2 pcs., option of connecting with the halter

Embellishment: MFT embroidery

Fastening: two adjustable velcro tapes



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