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Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care

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Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care


Solheds Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care is proven and effective spray for the skin and hair care of horses, dogs and cats. The oils in Derma9 produces glossy shine on hair, moisturizes skin, reduces dandruff and helps to detangle fur/tail/mane. Also used as a natural protection from sun’s harmful UV rays. Derma9 is also suitable to use in skin care as it moisturizes skin and reduces flakiness of dry skin and hair electricity.

Derma9 is especially suited for treating dandruffy/flaky base of mane and treating dogs/cats’ paw pads. Derma9 is absorbed rapidly into the skin without leaving a film that would attract dirt. Used all year round, Derma9 spray provides beneficial omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to the skin.

Derma9 spray is especially beneficial for dogs/cats with no hair or flaky skin of dogs/cats/horses. Skin is left with breathable surface that is protected from dirt, moisturized and shiny. On hair, tail and mane, Derma9 provides fluffy volume. In winter time Derma9 spray helps to prevent snowballs in hair by providing snow repelling surface, which also helps to detach the snowballs. Derma9 reduces the friction under rugs and prevents rugrubs.

Instructions: Spray lightly on hair and wipe/brush to achieve the shine. Expose the skin by parting the hair on one side. Spray directly on skin and rub gently. In detangling tail/mane/fur spray well when using the first time, then comb. If the horses tail/mane hair is especially thick, it can take up to 2 -3 days to develop breathable light natural waxy surface on dry hair. In following applications light spray on fur/tail/mane 2-5 time a week is sufficient. Shake before use.

For best results with Derma9 Luxury shine&care , wash of previously used products first (specifically tail and mane) and apply directly on clean towel dry hair/tail/mane. Please note, that silicone requires strong anionic shampoo to wash off.

  • pH ~ 7
  • Contains no FEI prohibited substances

Storage: +10 – 25°C

Ingredients: Water, Shea Butter, Rosemary, Crambe, Mint, Beet, Argan, Plant derived Glycerin & Propanediol & Lauric acid esters, Cellulose, Xanthan gum, Hydroxyacetophenone

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