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Derma15 Lusterious Conditioner

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Derma15 Lusterious Conditioner


Solheds Derma15 Lusterious Conditioner is proven and effective skin friendly conditioner for the hair care of dogs, cats and horses. Derma15 produces  glossy shine and volume on hair, reduces dandruff, static and helps to detangle fur/tail/mane. Also moisturises  skin.

Instruction: Lather on hair , massaging on  to the skin, leave for few minutes and rinse. Derma15 conditioner can be used as intensive hair treatment by increasing the leave in time prior rinse out.  Shake before use.

  • pH ~7
  • Contains no FEI prohibited substances

Storage: +10 – 25°C

Ingredients: Water, Crambe, Rosemary,  Mint, Beet, Argan, Plant derived Glycerin & Propanediol & Lauric acid esters & Alkanes, Cellulose, Xanthan gum, Hydroxyacetophenone

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