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Wash of the Animal

Wash of the cat / dog / horse

Derma4 Gentle Shampoo is suitable for frequent use as it washes hair gently without irritating the skin. Derma4 Gentle Shampoo also moisturises and calms the skin and reduces dandruff efficiently. Derma4 Gentle Shampoo brings lustrous shine and silky softness to hair. However, Derma4 Gentle Shampoo does not wash off and change the texture or coarseness  of  the hair in coarse haired breeds, nor inbuild weather proof quality of water and original breeds.The shampoo is easily rinsed off. The gentle wash is based on plant originated nonionic washing agents and the skin care on natural compounds like: argan oil, aloe vera, shea butter and lavender.

Reserve adequate time for washing your animal. Wet hair and skin thoroughly. Apply undiluted shampoo to very dirty areas. For  everyday use, Derma4 Gentle Shampoo can be diluted, 1:5 – 1:20 dilution depending on how dirty the animal is. Apply shampoo to all hair and to skin. Rinse well.  Rinse-out Derma15 Lusterious Conditioner can be used as a conditioner in wet hair. Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care in towel dry hair. The finer and thinner the hair, the less Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care is required. For fine hair, it is also recommended to use when hair is dry. Derma15 Lusterious Conditioner also moisturizes skin and can be massaged on skin. Both Derma9 and Derma15 condition hair and support hair structure and facilitate the combing hair tangle- free and decrease static on hair. Derma15 Lusterious Conditioner can be used as intensive hair treatment by increasing the leave in time prior rinse out. More information on haircare can be found in section grooming.

Please ensure that skin and hair are thoroughly dry as wet hair and moist skin provide excellent growth conditions for unwanted microbes. Skin under rug is especially prone to unwanted microbe (e.g. bacteria) growth. Skin folds eg. face and neck need to also be checked regularly to ensure that no dirt or excess moisture is left

TIPS for washing and skin care

A useful tip for washing a sweaty horse is adding a capful of Derma4 Gentle Shampoo into the washing bucket, and to sponge wet horse with this diluted shampoo water. Rinse with plain water. Derma4 Gentle Shampoo reduces the water’s surface tension and makes it easier for the water to reach hair and skin. Even a small amount will produce a noticable shine to animal’s hair/coat. When rinsing and washing off mud, salt, pitch and sea water from your dog, a little amount of Derma4 Gentle Shampoo will enhance the washing efficacy. It will ease the detachment of dirt from the skin as well as provides care on skin and leaves beautiful shine on fur/hair. As a  good preventive skin care measure, wash off paws and stomach with mild Derma4 Gentle Shampoo, especially  in winter and autumn , when streets are salted.

Application of Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care leaves breathable, dirt & snow protective layer e.g. on stomach and paw pads. Derma9 spray also provides moisture and care for the skin.




Correct hygiene for horses includes grooming, washing off sweat and wash when required. Correct hygiene for cats and dogs includes grooming the hair/fur and wash when required. Dirty animal is more prone to skin damage.

When washing your animal, choose the shampoo carefully

Ideal shampoo has pH ~7. It is also important to check the washing agents, so called tensides, used in the shampoo. Healthy animals can be washed occasionally with shampoos containing the most common anionic (sulphate) based tensides. In case your animal has sensitive or problem skin and when washed frequently, it is recommended to use shampoos containing nonionic, neutral tensides. The tensides used define the level of mildness/sensitiveness of the shampoo. Other added substances eg. Aloe vera, don’t’ have effect on the mildness of the shampoo , although they can provide other benefits on the skin.

If in doubt, it is always better to avoid any extra chemical burden on sensitive skin. In case your animal has itching after the wash, the used shampoo has been skin irritating or the rinse of the shampoo has been inadequate. Please be mindful that water breeds like labrador retrievers and original breeds like icelandic horses , have weather proof hair coating. This is partly due to higher concentration of fatty acids in hair, which makes their  coat “weather proof”. Be careful of not weakening  the inbuild weather proofing  of the haircoat,  by washing with too strong , anionic sulphate based shampoos. Derma4 Gentle Shampoo is a safe choice for the “weather proof” breeds.

Do not use products that don’t disclose their ingredients list.