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Derma 10 Heel Balm

Derma10 is a water-free cream cream for horses, dogs and cats. It provides protection for dogs’ paw pads in extreme stress (agility, hunting). Derma10 cream is absorbed well and enhances the renewal of skin in injured and cracked paw pads. Derma10 is also used as a horses’ hoof moisturizer. Derma10 assists in maintaining the normal moisture … Derma 10 Heel Balm Read More »

Derma 12 Finishing Oil

Derma12  is made of pure and natural ingredients. It is an optimal finishing product for dogs, cats and horses on any occasion when  beneficial, luxurious shine is needed. It is also used on horses hooves. Derma12 also promotes healing and prevention of dry and cracked hoofs without impairing the natural hydration balance while leaving the hooves shiny. … Derma 12 Finishing Oil Read More »

Derma 14 Thrush Thrasher

Derma14 oil is made of pure and natural ingredients. Derma14 is a proven, and efficient and ecological support for the management of thrush in horses. The natural essential oils in Derma14 help to purify and keep the hoof clean. Derma14 cream also supports the renewal of frog with omega 3 and -6 fatty acids and … Derma 14 Thrush Thrasher Read More »