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After Clip Spray

PREVENTS IRRITATION Nathalie After Clip is the product many horse owners with clipped horses have been missing for years. After Clip nourishes the unprotected skin og new, delicate coat and as such is an important part of the daily grooming of clipped horses. Eliminates skin irritations, strengthens the skin’s barrier, and adds moisture and important nutrients. … After Clip Spray Read More »

After Work Wellness

FAST ABSORBING – LEAVE IN Nathalie After Work for washing body and legs after training/competition. After Work is a powerful and effective liniment shampoo, that works as pure wellness and extra pampering on the hot/sweaty horse. The cooling effect provides a feeling of freshness and wellness. The skin is thoroughly cleansed of sweat, the coat … After Work Wellness Read More »

All Purpose Cream

FOR ALLROUND USE – WITH MANUKA HONEY Nathalie All Purpose Cream is a very effective all-purpose salve with Manuka Honey. All Purpose Cream is a “must have” in the stable’s first aid kit and in the grooming bag. An all-purpose salve with a nourishing as well as a soothing effect. It can be used on … All Purpose Cream Read More »

Aloe Vera Gel

HEALING & COOLING Nathalie Aloe Vera Gel is 94% pure Aloe Vera which is nourishing, reconstructive and cooling on irritated and sensitive skin. Juices from the Aloe Vera plant is known all over the world for its unique and healing qualities. An effective gel with a wide variety of uses. Can be used in case … Aloe Vera Gel Read More »

Antistatic Spray

VITAMIN PRO B5 & ALOE VERA Nathalie Antistatic Spray with Provitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. A clever and well-thought-out product which prevents static electricity/shock when rugs are being taken of. The combination of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients leaves the coat soft and beautiful. Antistatic Spray is sprayed on the horse’s body. Let it work for … Antistatic Spray Read More »

Barrier Cream

MUD FEWER & SCRATCHES Nathalie Barrier Cream – probably the best mud fever salve on the market. Optimized content in a new and better recipe. Barrier Cream is a thick, protective salve that rebuilds skin barriers and the skin’s natural protective functions. The Barrier Cream is suitable for delicate skin areas everywhere on the horse’s … Barrier Cream Read More »

Fur Fix

HAIR GROWTH STIMULATING Nathalie Fur Fix covers bare spots and unevenness in the coat. Nourishing extracts from larch and green tea stimulates faster and thicker coat-growth in areas where the coat is thin and worn. With a regenerating and protective effect on the skin as the coat grows back. Apply where the horse has a … Fur Fix Read More »

Mouth Fix

WITH EXTRACT OF WILLOW Nathalie Mouth Fix is a very softening and restoring salve for the delicate skin around the horse’s mouth. Organic willow extract strengthens the skin’s bacterial flora and keeps the delicate skin free from redness and irritation. To be used preventive to soften the corners of the mouth and for healing scrapes. … Mouth Fix Read More »

Sun Lotion SPF 30

WATER RESISTANT Nathalie Sun Lotion SPF 30 is a water-repellent and robust sun lotion for horses. The sturdy and persistent lotion contains a strong and effective filter against the damaging rays of the sun. Specially formulated for horses and is extremely robust and efficient in use. Apply to the horse’s muzzle and other areas that need … Sun Lotion SPF 30 Read More »