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Derma 1 Skin Care Shampoo

Derma1 is made of pure and natural ingredients. Derma1 is a proven and effective shampoo for skin problems in dogs and horses. Derma1 shampoo helps in the management of itchy, allergic and inflamed skin. These animals frequently have different skin issues e.g. cuts and grazes, which can get infected. A common infection in horses is mud … Derma 1 Skin Care Shampoo Read More »

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Derma 11 Anti-Itch Spray

Derma11 is made of pure and natural ingredients. Derma11 is a proven and efficient spray for the management of skin problems in horses and dogs. Numerous skin problems including allergies, summer itch, chafing and insect bites can cause itching. Derma11 spray contains natural compounds aimed to aid recovery of itchy and inflamed skin. Low odour and suitable to use on … Derma 11 Anti-Itch Spray Read More »

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Derma 12 Finishing Oil

Derma12  is made of pure and natural ingredients. It is an optimal finishing product for dogs, cats and horses on any occasion when  beneficial, luxurious shine is needed. It is also used on horses hooves. Derma12 also promotes healing and prevention of dry and cracked hoofs without impairing the natural hydration balance while leaving the hooves shiny. … Derma 12 Finishing Oil Read More »

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Derma 4 Gentle Shampoo

Derma4 is made of pure and natural ingredients. Derma4 is a proven and effective shampoo for horses, dogs and cats. Derma4 shampoo is suitable for frequent use as it washes hair gently without irritating the skin. Derma4 also moisturises and calms the skin and reduces efficiently dandruff. The natural oils in the shampoo treat and produce … Derma 4 Gentle Shampoo Read More »

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Derma 9 Luxury Shine & Care

Derma9 is proven and effective spray for the skin and hair care of horses, dogs and cats. The oils in Derma9 produces glossy shine on hair, moisturizes skin, reduces dandruff and helps to detangle fur/tail/mane. Also used as a natural protection from sun’s harmful UV rays. Derma9 is also suitable to use in skin care as … Derma 9 Luxury Shine & Care Read More »

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