Diarrhea & Genitals

SOLHEDS natural products in the aid of skin care during diarrhea

Wash of genitalia with SOLHEDS Derma-products

Significant part of animals’ hygienia is purity of the genitalia. Hairy dogs can have tangles in private parts, that get dirty with feaces and urine. Animals can be helped  by washing the private parts and carefully removing tangles. Wash with mild Derma4 Gentle Shampoo. If the surrounding skin area is red and warm , wash with Derma1 Skin Care Shampoo. If the surrounding skin is irritated, Derma2 Calming Serum relieves the irritation and helps the skin to recover.


Manage  the cleanliness of mares’ teats with regular wash off the dirt when necessary. It is especially important to keep the teats clean in summer when insect bites are most prolific. If the skin is intact , a wash with Derma4 Gentle Shampoo is sufficient. If the skin is red, warm with insect bites, wash with Derma1 Skin Care Shampoo. Apply Derma2 Calming Serum to relieve the irritated skin.

Check the penis and sheath of stallions and geldings  regularly. Dirt and extra sebum can build up under sheath, which can cause pain, cuts and chafes. This can also have  an impact on the horses mobility. Some of the horses require sedation in order to be able to clean under sheath. Diluted Derma4 Gentle Shampoo is suitable for washing under sheath. If the skin of the penis is irritated, wash again with 50% Derma1 Skin Care Shampoo and leave for 3-5 minutes prior rinsing off.