Paws Care

SOLHEDS natural products in paw care

Occasionally dogs and cats will need additional care with their paws. Especially puppies and kittens will need extra care until their paws harden. In wintertime, mud, gravel, sand and salt on the roads provide challenges for animal paws as they can become dry and cracked. Same applies to animals who don’t have productive fur coat on their stomach. Dirty skin is more prone to skin damage. In “city dogs”, it is good practice to wash off salt and pitch from the paw pads and stomach. Same applies to “country dogs” , please  wash off mud and dirt. Plain water is not enough to wash paw pads effectively and to get rid of salt and pitch properly. 


Wash of the paw pads

To avoid irritation , use diluted Derma4  Gentle Shampoo wash at least once a week to  wash paws and stomach. Salt and pitch dries paw pads, which can eventually cause cracks.Take care of the paw pads preventively to avoid cracked paw pads. 


Prevention of the paw pad problems

Prevention is always easier than treating cracks and dry skin. For preventative care, moisturising and fatty acid containing Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care is recommended in paw pad problems. Its fatty acids will absorb quickly and it won’t stain floor inside the house. Clean paws when returning from walks to indoors, and spray with Derma9 1-2 times a day on dry paws. Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care can be used  on hairless stomach, leaving protective shield against dirt while moisturising skin. Same care is suitable in summer time for paw pads dried out in hot asphalt.


Care of the paws in winter and  in excessive activity

Long haired animals gather dirt and snow in their paws.  Trimming the long hair can help to keep the paws clean and healthy. Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care can be used  on hair, leaving protective shield against snow.  Use Derma9 spray to reduce formation of snowballs on hair. Spray or apply with hands on stomach, paw and all longer and softer hair. Application of Derma9 facilitates taking off snowballs from hair. Use 1-2 times a day, more often  if the snow is heavy and wet. Working dogs eg. Hunting, agility and sled dogs could benefit from mechanic protection in their paw pads e.g. boots. Derma10 Heel Balm is a water free cream, which protects the paw pads in excessive activity (hunting, agility) and against cold and snow. Some of the dogs might like Derma10 Heel Balm and may lick it. This is not harmful. Derma10 Heel Balm absorbs well and it helps to renew the damage skin in paw pads. Apply Derma10 Heel Balm before the activity and in the evening. Manage and check the paws of a working dogs regularly. In hot and cold weather conditions same applies to all dogs.

Take care of the pads in time, before the paw pads start cracking.

Paws Care Informatiom
Paws Care Informatiom
Cracked paw pads

Open cuts in the skin/paw pads is a risk for infection. On open cracks we recommend Derma6 Wound Oil to manage the infection risk and to apply Derma10 Heel Balm on surrounding area. Cuts and cracks in paw pads can be treated also with Derma5 Germ Fighting Cream, it naturally fights harmful bacteria in these wounds.

As dogs sweat from their paws, it is important not to block their skin with thick grease ointments. Check  your dog’s paws weekly and during active working season daily.

More information on cuts, cracks and care of allergic or inflammed skin  ( yeast infection) can be found in the section for skin problems