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Memory Foam Insole

Insole made of memory foam that molds to the foot. Provides a comfortable and natural cushioning for the feet. The top of the sole is made of four-way stretch cotton.   Color: blue Available in sizes 36-46

NR Gloves

Gloves from NICE RIDE have a sleeve around the wrist for extra comfort. There is a touch function on the thumb and forefinger so that you do not need to remove the glove when using the phone. As a riding glove it has reinforcements at thumb / forefinger and ring / little finger for the … NR Gloves Read More »

kr 299

NR Short Chaps

Shortchaps with a completely new design where the zipper is curved on the outside, which makes it easy to put on and also creates the conditions for the best possible fit. All short chaps have wide elastics at the front and elastics under the foot. Fits NICE RIDE’s new jodhpurs and other jodhpurs. Note: Keep … NR Short Chaps Read More »

kr 499

Satin Headcollar

Headcollar nylon with details in Satin! Satin ribbon along the back of the nose, side piece and neck. Border with Nice Ride logo Buckles both sides and hook left side. Adjustable muzzle

kr 249

Satin Rug

Fleece blanket with lined neck that turns into Satin! Edge in contrasting color. Double piping in matching colors against edging and fleece. Borders with Nice Ride logo by the book. Double buckles at the front. Detachable cross straps. Tail cord at the back.

kr 599

Satin Saddle Pad

Saddle Pad in the fabric Satin and in delicious colors! Edge in contrasting color. Double piping in matching colors against edging and scabbard. Border with Nice Ride logo on top of saddle pad. Strong reinforcement lower edge on saddle pad of synthetic leather as protection. Padded and padded edge at the front that holds the … Satin Saddle Pad Read More »

kr 549

Sport Jodhpurs

Waterproof Jodhpurs A lightweight Jodhpur in a new version with a memory foam insole. Outer material and also inner lining are made of durable mesh. The spacer is foam with high density. The outer material, which is water repellent together with a membrane in the shoe, makes it waterproof (with the exception of the elastic … Sport Jodhpurs Read More »

kr 749